Classes -ZOOM

Classes -ZOOM

Classes -ZOOM
2-hours each class

Zoom is a health information (HIPPA) compliant video conferencing system that allows you to have a video conference-based visit with your UW medicine care provider or specialist. You must have a computer, tablet or smart phone with a front facing camera to participate in the telehealth visit.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that provides instructors and students a way to meet online synchronously via a personal PC/laptop or cell phone with or without using video. Instructors can set up Zoom meetings to conduct classes online, as well as record them for later access by students.

What are the benefits of Zoom training?

The ability for students to work in groups, either when you enable breakout rooms for them, or when they use their personal meeting rooms to meet with peers. The ability to create a simple “screencast” (for example, recording voice-over presentations) and share it with your students.

What is the Zoom for education purposes?

Zoom One for Education brings together voice, video, chat, phone, live meetings, webinars, recording, transcription, translation services, AV room integration features, and other functionality under one secure umbrella, streamlining collaboration and enhancing learning experiences like never before.

Why Zoom classes are good?

More accessibility. Zoom allows for seamless recording of class sessions. These zoom video recordings are often more accessible for people who are hard of hearing and seeing.

Areas Covered

North Carolina, USA


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